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The Weems Collections are an amalgamation of the life of work of F. Carrington Weems II.

Fontaine Carrington Weems

F. Carrington Weems

Mr. Weems sells office buildings, principally in downtown Houston.  His commercial real estate activities have included development, building, large land sales, syndication, management, and investment.  He spent 3 years (1969-1972) building and operating a full service NBC-affiliated television station in Meridian, Mississippi.  Mr. Weems has spent all of his summers with his family on the shores of Galveston Bay near La Porte, Texas.  His interest in boats, sailing, fishing, cruising, shrimping, and traveling at high speed on the water has always been an important part of his life.  He was involved in The Southern Ocean Racing Circuit with J.W. Hershey and his cutter, “The Flying Dutchman” in the ‘50s.  They sailed her across the Gulf in five days, and raced her to Havana and Vero Dero Beach, Cuba.

It seems natural for someone with an engineering background and an interest in land development and boats to get involved with collecting maps, then ships, then ship prints, then ship portraiture in oil.

F. Carrington Weems and his wife, Mary Ann Weems, have three children: Alexandra, an artist/illustrator in Houston, Texas; F. Carrington Weems, III, a special effects photographer who creates interactive virtual tours in Austin, Texas; and Mathilde, a U.T. Medical School Graduate, Doctor and Artist, in California.

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  • Kimbetly Watkins (Weems) says:

    My name is Kimberly Watkins (Weems).My father was Michael Richard Weems was a musician and my grandfather was Richard Weems. He was a merchant marine out of San Diego. He passed away sailing in a race in Mission Bay. I was researching him to get more info when your name popped up. The only reason I am contacting you is because of your passion for ships. I don’t know anything really about my grandfather except he could play the organ, had a beautiful sailboat from what I can remember when I was young and he would make me pirate charm bracelets. Not sure if there is a connection but I am interested to find out. I do hope I gave not troubled you and do not know if you get these emails directly.

  • Leigh hayslip says:

    Well, with those beautiful ships and the love of galveston bay. My mother was there as well my name is andrea leigh, hayslip leigh leigh to my precious mother marcia hayslip whom I believe you know. She, passed couple days agonizing death. But, she lived a beautiful life and she always wanted to make back to the bay and she did but just to san leon, she was close. I believe you and my father raced sail boats out of the Corinthian yacht club? Could you please email me back if I am right about this, I am sure we will give her a memorable memorial, she wanted nothing but to move to Galveston and write her memoirs as it is i might have to as her daughter, my phone number is 409-739-3992 i would love to hear from you.,i hope i didnt upset you reaching out like this

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