Maps, Ships and Architecture



El Occidente
The Prince
The Battle of San Domingo
Ship of the Line
Clipper in a Storm
Clipper Ship
Clipper Ship
Work Boats
Ship Thermopolae
Small Work Schooner
The Rover
An Encounter: French & British
A Cargo Vessel
Elizabeth Palmer
Spanish Galleon
Sea Duty: Battleship Texas
Varuna, Calm Seas
Varuna, Rough Seas
A Black Hull “Bark”
Transition from Sail to Steam                                         

A Midnight Race on the Mississippi
The Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover
The Olympic
Passing on the Hudson
The Mauretania
New York Yacht Club Regatta
Victory, Preluide to Trafalgar
Victory, Breaking the Line at Trafalgar
The Elissa
Civil War Warship
American Packet Ship
C.S.S. Alabama and U.S.S. Kearsarge off Cherburg
The Chase
The Battle of St. Vincent
Westward: America’s Cup Winner
St. Louis Wharf: A View from Eads Bridge
Sea Cloud
Royal George
R.M.S. Mauretania
The Fog Warning
The Southern Cross
American: Salem Harb
Hove-To Off the Needles
Leaving Port
Breezing Up
The First Journey of “Victory” 1778
The Yacht Squadron at Newport
Yachting Race in New York Harbor
Marine View: New Bedford Harbor
The Independence
The Roscoe
The Steamer “America” on the Hudson River
The Action Between U.S.S. Constitution and H.M.S. Java
Glory and Valiant
The Fighting “Temeraire”

Great Fire of Galveston
Frank Leslie’s Bird’s Eye View of Galveston Bay
Portsmouth Harbour & Dock Yard in 1853
Sheerness in 1850
Harriet Lane
The Jetty Works of Galveston Harbor, Texas
The Race for the “America Cup”
The United States Steamer Frigate “Merrimac”
Admiral Farragut’s Fleet Bombarding Fort Morgan
Steamer Day in New York
The Regatta of the Eastern Yacht Club
Confederate Privateer Steamer ‘Alabama”
The Rebels, or Taipings, at Nankin Opening
Commodore Farragut’s Squadron & Porter’s Mortar Fleet
The Rebel Steamer “Merrimac” with “Cumberland”
The Naval Review at Key West: Torpedo Practice
New York Tribute: Titanic Sinks, April 16, 1912
Victoria and Albert I and “America” 1851
Mitchell and Croadale
Forest Fire on the Banks of the Red River
Bird’s Eye View of Plan for Rail and Water Terminals
Capture of Austrian Merchantmen by the Boat of the French
The Pet Parrott of the U.S. Steamer ‘Richmond”
The North Atlantic Squadron
The Deck of a Modern Iron-Clad
The “Dunderberg”
Harper’s History of the Great Rebellion
The Solving of the Galveston Problem
Attack of the Rebels Upon our Gun-Boat Flotilla
Ballou’s Pictorial U.S. Revenue Cutter, Boston
Departure of the Flying Squadron
Rebuilding Galveston: The Great Gulf Port of the South
The Great Eastern: Atlantic Telegraph Cable, 1865
Gleason’s Pictorial: New Caloric Ship “Ericsson”
Harper’s Weekly: Houston, TX & The Strand, Galveston, TX
The Destruction of Galveston
The New Mastless Steamship: “Meteor”
The Yellow Fever Panic at Galveston
Departure of the Baltic Fleet from Spithead
“Cambria,” “Natchez” & “Robert E. Lee”
Harper’s Weekly: The Pirate “Alabama”
The ‘Alabama” Destroying The “Texas Star”
Fort Taylor, Key West, Florida
Destruction of the Clipper Ship “Jacob Bell” by “Florida”
The U.S. Iron-Clad “Passaic”
Interior of the Turret of the “Passaic”
The Naval Contest off Cherbourg: “Alabama” & “Kearsarg”
Harper’s Weekly: Our Prize Fleet British Vessels
Harper’s Weekly: Fleet Target Practice, Florida Bay
The North Atlantic Squadron at Bar Harbor
The U.S. Cruiser “Cincinnati” at Harlem River Ship-Canal
Harper’s Weekly: Escape of the Frigate “Constitution”
Harper’s Weekly: The Foreign Men-of-War
Harper’s Weekly: The Steamship “Atlantic” Wrecked, 1873
Harper’s Weekly: “Longfellow,” Corsair” & “Stranger”
“Victoria and Albert” entering Cherbourg Harbour
“Victoria and Albert” leaving Graves End, England
Harper’s Weekly: Victory in Mobile Bay “Tennessee”
rand Yacht Regatta & “America”

Audubon: Mallard Ducks
Audubon: Brown Pelican
Audubon: Great White Heron
Audubon: The White Pelican
Audubon: Wild Male Turkey
“Shall he Paint the Rest?”
Brownsville, Texas, Occupied by the Army under General Banks