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 A Ticket to Heaven

written and edited

by F. Carrington Weems II

Thoughts and Insight from December 2008 through June 2013




Chapter 1:       Nature of God                                           

Chapter 2:       A Vision and Message from God                      

Chapter 3:       God’s Satisfaction with Man’s Deeds and Accomplishments or Lack Thereof

Chapter 4:       God’s First Significant Gift to Mankind (other than Life itself)                                  

Chapter 5:       What does God want us to do?                       

Chapter 6:       What is the origin of Man?  The meaning of Life?  The future for Man?
he next step in his evolution?  The reason for our being here?    

Chapter 7:       Did God make the natural laws?  What are these laws?
Would God break these laws for the sake of a miracle?                              

Chapter 8:       Jesus Christ and God                                   

Chapter 9:       The Relationship between God and Science         

Chapter 10:     Life, Death and Afterlife                                      

Chapter 11:     Reaching a Consensus for Survival                   

Chapter 12:     Religious Tolerance                                     

Chapter 13:     Success                                                    

Chapter 14:     Jesus Christ — His Birth and Death                 

Chapter 15:     Darwin                                                    

Chapter 16:     God’s Disappointment with Human Kind           

Chapter 17:     A Search for a Consensus on how to Manage the Earth                                       

Chapter 18:     The Fight to the Death of all except the Fittest, Most Fit or Most Ferocious

Chapter 19:     To Have or Not to Have?  That is the Question   

Chapter 20:     God Invented Life, Evolution, Love and Democracy — In That Order

Chapter 21:     “Our Father, Who Art in Heaven”                    

Chapter 22:     “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done”           

Chapter 23:     “On Earth as it is in Heaven”                         

Chapter 24:     “Give Us This Day, Our Daily Bread”                

Chapter 25:     “Forgive Our Trespasses as we Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us”

Chapter 26:     “Lead Us Not into Temptation”                       

Chapter 27:     “And, Deliver Us From Evil”                           

Chapter 28:     “For Thine is the Kingdom and The Power and the Glory, Forever and Ever, Amen.”

Chapter 29:     “Man’s Prayer to God”                                 

Chapter 30:     Name: “For the Love of God” & “A Ticket to Heaven” & “God Tells All” &
“How to Earn a Ticket to Heaven”                                       

Chapter 31:     Jesus on the Cross                                       

Chapter 32:     God Fearing?                                             

Chapter 33:     Aggression                                                

Chapter 34:     What is the Spark that brought “Life?”  Harness ZPF, ZPE Harness Gravity

Chapter 35:     The Universe Built by Us, or Adapted to by Us    

Chapter 36:     Belief in God                                             

Chapter 37:     Does God want us to Worship in Church?         

Chapter 38:     The United League of World Religions

Chapter 39:     God and His Zero Point Field            

Chapter 40:     Consciousness & Subconsciousness

Chapter 41:     The Evolution of Religious Tolerance

Chapter 42:     Father God, why Cancer?

Chapter 43:     A Ticket to Heaven       



This booklet is dedicated to the memory of Mary Ann Weems, my wife for 55 years, who joined her family and friends in the Kingdom of God on April 1, 2013.  We will meet again.

Mary Ann Weems, circa 1980

Mary Ann Weems, circa 1980


Accepting Jesus

For those of you who would like to accept Jesus as God’s only son, begotten by the Virgin Mary, so divine that mere words cannot describe his magnificence, but find that you cannot ascribe to him more significance than being simply a distinguished prophet, I would like you to read what I have written below:

As a young man, I had perplexing questions about God’s miracles and the divine birth of Jesus Christ.  I was trained as a mechanical engineer and felt that God had established natural laws for our planet and that our God would not have violated his own natural laws in a thoughtless manner to achieve a goal such as parting the Red Sea to allow the Israelites to escape the pursuing Egyptian Army of the Pharaoh.  Another possibility was that the Red Sea had extreme tidal changes within one day, and God simply manipulated the timing of these tidal changes to favor the fleeing Israelites.  In any case, God did what he wanted to do in a timely manner to accomplish what he had set out to do, free the Israelites from the wrath of the Pharaoh.

In the case of Jesus Christ, God came upon our planet in the form of a living, breathing man, a son that Jesus’s followers would not be frightened or surprised to see and listen to his teachings, revelation and prescription for living a good, fulfilling and productive life, serving God and no other master.  What could be more beautiful and convincing than for God to take the form of a man who was perfect, loving and capable of healing, restoring life, providing food and drink for the 5,000 or more that worshipped the ground he walked on.

The Red Sea Miracle and those that Jesus (God) performed were very local and did not affect anyone beyond the immediate vicinity, only for those who greatly benefitted from these localized smaller miracles that did not measurably violate God’s natural laws.  After all, God (as Jesus) can do whatever he wants to do.  The question I have is in this world we live in today, the problems are so much greater and yet, why doesn’t God step in and manipulate the monsters that are making our world so incredibly dangerous with Doomsday imaginable in the not too distant future.  If I were serving God, I would ask to be recreated as a visible, yet transparent (see through) entity capable of talking to the leaders of Iran, Yemen and North Korea, and yet indestructible.  I would say to them, “Stop this nonsense you are doing with enriched uranium, atomic weaponry, and delivery systems or your country’s evil mission will receive a bolt of lightning from God so powerful that you would wish that you had taken heed to the warning!”

Back to accepting Jesus as our Savior and A Ticket to Heaven —  First, though one doesn’t believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, he still has decided that he would like to find a way that is logical and realistic to change his belief and ultimately accept Jesus as his personal savior.  When I was just out of college, I visited the following churches, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Unitarian and a Synagogue.  I was looking for answers.  I didn’t find the pathway to Jesus.

I then created a hypothetical experiment and made certain useful assumptions.  I supposed that I was a two dimensional being on a flat surface trying to get to the other side of a three dimensional wall on the flat surface.  I assumed that the Jesus Belief was on the other side of that wall.  The only way that I could get there was to become a three dimensional being and merely jump over the wall.  I found I couldn’t do this, but by now, I was convinced that the Jesus Belief was just over that wall.

The next effort was to try the Jesus Belief on for size.  Why am I so determined not to believe?  Why is this so important to me?  I decided to jump over the wall and found that it was just as easy to believe in the Divinity of Jesus as it was not to.  This “leap of faith” felt good, but I still wasn’t completely convinced.

Later in my life, my wife’s mother in a small town in Alabama asked me if I had ever taken communion.  I replied that though I was a Christian and an Episcopalian, I had never been confirmed.  She didn’t ask me if I believed in the Divinity of Christ.  She simply said, Carrington, why don’t you take communion with Mary Ann and me this Sunday morning at St. Paul’s Church, just this once, then go back to Houston and get confirmed.  She, without knowing it, had helped me climb over that three dimensional wall.

I was soon confirmed by the then Bishop of Texas, John Elbridge Hines.  His strong hands were firmly placed on my head and I finally found Jesus in my life and in my prayers from then, until now, and forever more.  I shall not ever waver in this belief.  It is reinforced every day of my life.  I hope that my struggle to accept Jesus, depicted here, will help someone else who might read this booklet, to find their way to a complete relationship with Jesus Christ.  Thank you, Mimi, dear lady, for your encouraging words. Ÿ Ÿ

 • • •

A quote from a letter by Carrington in November 1968, “In this world which is fast becoming more greedy and corrupt where examples of real love, loyalty and dedication sometimes seem more and more scarce, the perpetuation and even acceleration of the cultural arts may be an important catalyst for survival.  Man cannot live, but what’s more important, cannot improve on bread alone.”


All of us wonder what God is like, whether we will see him when we die, and what his house is like.  Probably what we wonder most is what our role will be in heaven if, and when, we get there.  I’ve always thought and wished that I could serve God on this and other planets where life is thriving, and planets that are either further, or much further, along than we are, or perhaps even way behind us in their development of a civilization.  Also, I deeply want to travel through the glorious and beautiful universe to see and understand the answers to all of the questions which astronomers, physicists and just plain people have been asking since the beginning of time.  If my assignment from God includes travel, or if my travel includes an assignment, then I shall be overjoyed and will be experiencing the heaven that I have always longed for.

I’m sure that many people who read this will say “I trust God, and I really don’t much care what happens when I die.  Maybe I would just like to be surprised and accept what comes.”  Also, I want to see my loved ones who have passed before me.  I think everyone wants that to be part of their after-life experience.  But, what else do we want to experience?  That is a question we must ask ourselves for there exists that possibility that we may be able, if we are sincere, to design our own afterlife experience.  What do we have to do now, in the eyes of God, to earn this privilege?  In the chapters to follow we will explore the possible requirements for the acquisition of “A Ticket to Heaven.”

Have I had a vision?  I’m not sure.  Is there anything new in this little book that’s unique and unheard of?  The probability is unlikely.  But, I think there is something new about the combination of ideas expressed here, and the final conclusion that may be found all the way through the discussion of these ideas.  Is this big, little book inspired?  Yes.  Is it an inspiration from God?  Yes.  So, it follows that many people are in touch with God, especially those who are inspired from time to time to do very creative and helpful things.  God, by popular definition, is present and takes part in all things creative.  Isn’t he the great and original creator of everything?  So, it stands to reason that he helps us create our world, and he would most humbly and modestly conclude that we helped him create his world.  Isn’t it the same world?  Then, we are partners with God when we do something creative that helps make a better world and a better life for others.  We know from experience that we feel better when we are caring and compassionate about the needs of others, and as we make sacrifices in our lives to help others, we feel closer to God because we are doing what he wants us to do.  By doing so, we are volunteers for God.  As you read further, you will see that an attempt has been made here to prove to you that this relationship with God for you, as a volunteer, can be achieved and can be very real.  And, we will list the many ways in which you can become fulfilled in the process.  Success will be measured by the ultimate reward: “A Ticket to Heaven.”  Isn’t that where we want to end up?  What do we want to do when we get there?  We will suggest a pattern of thinking and a pattern of action that will help us understand what the kingdom of heaven will be for us, and we hope that you will be so convinced that you will not know how it could possibly be any other way.

Chapter 1:

We shouldn’t ask, who is God, but instead, what is God?  God is everywhere on earth, throughout the known universe, and undoubtedly spread through a string of universes — The String Theory.

God is like the zero-point field of limitless physical energy whose total state of equilibrium has thus far kept man from harnessing even the tiniest amount of this energy for useful purposes.  Someday, God will unlock this mysterious source of energy so that man will never want for anything once God is convinced that Man is ready to accept yet another gift (nuclear energy) without blowing each other up. God is everywhere, a limitless invisible source of spiritual energy, love, and creativity that blankets the universe.  If God were not everywhere at all times, how could he answer the prayers of so many people on our planet all at one time?  It is possible that we can learn to touch God and reach out to him to enrich our lives as he reaches out to us to answer our prayers.

Is God a He?  No.  A Being?  Yes.  A Force?  Yes.  A Mother?  No.  A Father?  Maybe.  God is light.  God is life.  God is past, present and future.

  • How did God become omnipresent?
  • Who came first, God, or the universe?
  • God is present in any act of love, compassion, forgiveness, heroics or heroism, bravery and self-sacrifice.

Everything good about man comes from God.  Everything bad is of man’s own doing.

Three ways to help God while we are here:

  1. Sharing our wealth.
  2. Giving our time to help others.
  3. Humility of heart and mind — is heart same as sole?

God is an invisible omnipresence.

Communicating with this omnipresence so far for us is not often possible.

Have I had a vision of God and an awareness of his presence?  Yes, I think I have, but one cannot ever be sure of such a thing.  I must rely on faith, conviction and belief.

Chapter 2:

God is everywhere.  He is in every molecule of air.  He is in every plant and every animal.  He is in every beautiful sunset, every cool breeze, every loving act, every act of love and every pleasant smell.  If it feels good, it’s God.

I wonder why I cry when I see a touching event before my eyes.  I now know why.  It is because God is so close by, and I am in his presence as everyone is when they are touched by an unselfish act or a beautiful change in attitude by someone close.  God wants to do good things for us and he wants us to do good things for him and for others around us.  Do you want to touch God?  Then, close your eyes and reach up into the air above you.  Do your hands and fingers feel different than they did before?  Mine do.  Does God approve of the world today?  The answer is no.  Will he do something about it to change it for the better?   Possibly, but who knows when.  I think he wants us to change it.  He wants volunteers.  Now, right here.  And, when we die, I am willing.  How about you?

god 4


Chapter 3:

Since A.D. Year One and before, man has made many accomplishments in art, architecture and weapons of war.  The latter was probably extremely necessary for the aggressors, but even more so for the smaller countries forced to protect themselves from the imperialistic empire building aggressors.  Life was very tough back then, and indeed the fittest (strongest and more populous) would survive.  And, at that time, the meek did not inherit the earth.  In fact, they were slaughtered.

Art and architecture were great accomplishments in all civilizations.  Egypt, Greece and Rome were the most prominent.  The main reasons most of these buildings crumbled was due to destructive invasions and weather, to a lesser degree.  I think God highly approves of what man built: The Parthenon (Athens, Greece), The Pantheon (Rome, Italy), The Egyptian Pyramids (Giza), The Sistine Chapel (Vatican City, Italy) featuring Michelangelo’s frescoed ceiling, Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, and the vast numbers of important religious paintings including all historic paintings of Jesus’s life depicting his followers, teachings, healings, crucifixion and resurrection.  I think God even approves of certain examples of modern art, inspired by a movement to explore beyond representational art and enter the world of the abstraction and expressionism.

I think what God was the most disappointed by was man’s inhumanity towards one another.  Wars are still in progress within the frightening world we live in.  The nuclear threat after the Cold War ended seems to be more threatening now more than ever before.  One of these rogue nations is likely to set this off either by accident or on purpose.  Who knows where that could eventually lead?  Are we doomed, or will God find some way to save the world from our own self destruction?  Somehow, I think he will, unless he is too disappointed with us as a whole that he just lets it happen.

Man has made major accomplishments in medicine, technology, agriculture, energy, creature comforts, transportation, manufacturing, dwellings, skyscrapers, space exploration, and in most areas of man’s effort to improve his environment.  But, he has not made much progress with understanding his fellow man and trying to help him and by turning the other cheek; and staying out of wars, widespread hostility and religious intolerance.  Are we really as good as we think we are, or would we be better served if we strived to be closely in touch with God, and his Son and Messenger, Jesus Christ?  They have told us how we should live our lives in order for the Holy Spirit to dwell within us.  If we set this as our goal as individuals, and as nations, the world will someday be a peaceful place with a very bright future. 

Chapter 4:

An abundance of nuclear energy.  Only God’s experiment on planet earth, namely man would have thought of using this gift to blow each other up.  How stupid is that?  Is God disgusted?  He doesn’t get disgusted.  But, he has to be disappointed.

When man’s best friend affectionately licks his master’s face, that’s love.  God is present.  Wherever there is love, God is present.

God is not a he or a she.  God may be referred to as an all-encompassing presence; an invisible spiritual power or energy; the infinite capability to respond or act where he is needed, or come to the aid of everyone and everything that he has put on this earth: plants, animals or anywhere else in the universe all at one time.

God is every inspiration that we have.  He puts it there for us to discover on our own.

Chapter 5:

  1. Water his plants for nothing that lives belongs to us, only to Him.
  2. Stop and smell his roses and enjoy this brief communion with God.
  3. Nurture and encourage your children – His children.
  4. Be kind and gentle to your spouse.  Your spouse is a child of God, as are you.
  5. Be loving and kind to animals and you will see His face in its many forms.
  6. Don’t step on one of His bugs if you can avoid it.
  7. Take fish and birds to eat as needed.  Don’t kill anything needlessly.
  8. Don’t take trophies to enhance your ego or for any other reason.  These are God’s creatures, not yours to take.
  9. Enjoy the beauty of this planet, part of his universe.  Protect it and preserve it for future generations.

Does God make his presence known to you?  If you listen and perceive those things mentioned above, you will feel his presence and be closer to him.

Chapter 6:

What is the Origin of Man

I think the anthropologists can tell us all we need to know about the origin of man.  Charles Darwin tried to tell us how we came into being from a single cell to a mature and civilized homosapian.  The process is called evolution.  However, while all scientists believe Darwin was right, many (mostly creationists) do not believe one word of Darwin’s Theory.  They believe it to be sacrilegious and totally inconsistent with Genesis and The Story of Adam and Eve.  Once again, Darwin was very religious, and his father was a minister.  Both explanations of how we originated are correct.  It is simply a matter of how we interpret the fourth dimension of time.  One minute, in the existence of our God could be 20 or even 2000 centuries here on earth.  So, really didn’t God simply create earth and the evolution of all species on earth, during what is interpreted as an extensive time period to us, but is actually only a short moment for God.  Let’s try to bring the evolutionists and the creationists together so that we can have one less controversy up for debate.

The Meaning of Life

Life is clearly a gift from God to every living animal, bird, reptile, fish, plant and insect.  God is all about creating balance and equilibrium on his planets like earth.  We have the carbon cycle which is the equilibrium of photosynthesis whereby plants inhale our carbon dioxide and we inhale the oxygen that trees and other plants produce.  Sun, water and nutrients in the soil make this cycle successful.  On other planets, life may be sustained by a methane or an ammonia cycle or some other combination of chemicals.

So, why does God give us life?  He’s like a farmer or rancher who wants all of the planets (his fields) to flourish and evolve so that he can watch that growth and progress like farmers watch their crops mature before harvest, and ranchers nurture their livestock to maximize profit of a consumable product , true also of chickens and fish.

What then is God’s harvest?  He hopes that our souls will grow as we age and that when we die we will join him and perhaps help him populate and educate the other planets in our exploding universe, or in companion universes.  So, why is this so important to him?  I don’t know.  We will have to ask him if and when we get to heaven. 

The Future for Man

The earth will get smaller and it’s peoples will be in closer contact with each other due to faster communication and travel, smarter phones, better and wider access to world news, breakthroughs in technology, and the expanding population (when I was young, it was 2 billion,  and now it’s over 7 billion).  This will cause the necessity of all people to bury the subtle differences in their religious, political and secular beliefs, and unite to approach a togetherness in order to get along without racial and minority prejudice.  One day, we all may speak the same language, be an amalgamation of skin color, facial features, and of one culture.  We could someday share the same currency like the euro does today.  We will have to reach a consensus for the development of our world’s resources, and the subsequent distribution of the resulting manufactured products.  We will have to live as one world if we expect to survive.  I believe that one key element necessary for us to begin this process would be to read, study and share with others the teachings and godly pronouncements of Jesus Christ and his disciples.  Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and the like, don’t have to become Christians.  They simply need to know what Jesus said.  We all worship the same God, and Jesus proved that he was the Son of that God.  Do all these religions have to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness and redemption to get into heaven?  However, if they learn what Jesus said about that, why take the risk?

god 5

The Next Step in Our Evolution

I think it must become obvious that we as Americans can no longer police the world.  We cannot stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by force.  We cannot spread the concept of democracy by force any more than the Russians could communism by force.  Democracy is God’s chosen political philosophy.  It will sell itself, ultimately, not by coercion, but by negotiation, and setting an example.  Our Army and Navy should only be used to defend our nation.  We shouldn’t agree to come to the aid of other nations.  We can’t afford it.  We owe almost $17 trillion dollars.

Our bodies have probably evolved about as far as they need to, and though we are quite perishable, the human body is an amazing machine.  Perhaps new ways of treating our diseases will evolve and we will be stronger and less vulnerable and produce a more effective immune system, making strides in psychoneuroimmunology (the power of positive thinking) still in its infancy.  But, our kindness and gentleness to others needs vast improvement both as individuals and as a nation.  The next major step in our evolution needs to occur in areas of spiritual development.  Civilization is not getting more civilized; it’s getting less so.  We are going backwards in the dominant population of the world. 

The Reason for Our Being Here

We are here because God wanted us here.  He first created a planet with atmosphere, gravity, oxygen, and the warmth of the Sun, and then he evolved a man named Adam and a woman named Eve.  This probably was not done in seven days, a year, but over thousands, or perhaps even millions of years.  For God, who is very patient, this was only a short moment.  Who knows how many thousands of similar or even dissimilar planets that he has created in other star systems like our Milky Way (solar systems); in black holes; in other universes; in spiral nebulae.  These planets contain his flocks, his children, and his creations.  One wonders what his ultimate plan is going to be.  As far as I can imagine, he wants to see what the natural course of evolution will bring to our civilization here on earth and on other planets.  He hopes that given how slowly our spiritual side has developed over 2000 years that we will not do something stupid like blow each other up with his gift of nuclear energy that he helped Albert Einstein and Bob Oppenheimer and others to discover.

God is a builder.  He is developing the universe for us, the inhabitants of his creations.  He wants to see more progress.  We are not Guinea pigs for God.  He gives us life which is a miracle in itself.  He has shown us how to feed, clothe, and shelter ourselves.  He wants us to give him something back.  He wants a peaceful earth, he wants us to get along with each other, merge our separate religions, eliminate prejudice and hate, abolish wars, share the resources he has provided, and rise to a higher moral plain.

I’m sure other planets have their ups and downs.  However, if there are planets out there that have experienced civilization for more than 1 million years (and we only about 10,000 years), they must have solved all of the problems that are plaguing us today or they wouldn’t still be there.  Think also of the myriad of discoveries in science, medicine and new technologies, space travel and mathematics that we can’t even imagine that will have occurred over 1 million years of civilized behavior.

We will live as long as we can or God’s will will be done.  The best people die first.  Maybe the rest of us live longer, perhaps because our work is not yet done, or God is not yet ready to receive us, or he is not yet sure we belong up there with him.


Chapter 7:

What exactly is a natural law?  These are functions of nature that we rely on each day of our lives.  Gravity that keeps us on this planet never varies.  We can depend on it.  I weigh 185 pounds.  That means that the gravitational force keeping me from floating around like an astronaut in space is exactly 185 measured in pounds, always, unless I gain or lose weight.  That’s a natural law that I can depend on that will not change.  It would be most disconcerting if it did.  There are other gravity laws like that law that prevents spacecraft from rising into space without the use of rocket fuel.  Other civilizations have perhaps learned to conquer gravity by hovering over our planet as we might expect a flying saucer to do.  Some sort of energy is undoubtedly needed to nullify the force of gravity in this example, so once again the law of gravity was not changed.  It was simply nullified by an equal and opposite force.  There are many other natural laws, like the moon’s revolution around Earth in orbit and Earth’s orbit around our star, the Sun, on a regular basis that we can rely on.  And, change here would be very disruptive, and even frightening.  If the ingredients (oxygen, nitrogen, and trace elements in air) changed measurably, we would definitely panic.

When God created the Universe and our planet, he set these measures in place and meant for them not to vary.  If they have, it is our fault.  We are causing global warming and the increase in CO2 and changing the balance between CO2 and air.  The centrifugal force of earth is exactly equal to the gravitational force of our sun, so that we stay in orbit as a satellite around the Sun.  If those natural forces changed, our planet would plummet into space, or would go flying into the Sun, and then we would either freeze to death, or be incinerated.

These are the big natural laws.  There are many smaller laws that were set up naturally by God that would cause us a smaller but still unbearable problem.

god 1


I think that he would.  He allowed Moses and Jesus the power to alter nature.  Moses tuned his staff into a snake to convince the Pharaoh of Egypt that Jehovah was the only God.  He gave Moses the Power to part the waters of the Red Sea in order to save the Israelites from the wrath of the Pharaoh’s Army; then brought the water together to swallow them up.  Pharaoh’s Army consisted of the bad guys, so that was alright.  This miracle didn’t frighten, confuse, or hurt anyone except the bad guys.

The miracles of Jesus and all of his many healings included making food and drink for 5,000 people, raising Lazarus from the dead and a child, walking on water, telling the fisherman to throw their nets to the other side of the boat, and many other blessed miracles.  These were all localized and did not affect or threaten anyone except the recipients.  So, God made exceptions for all of these miracles.  I doubt if he would ever violate the larger natural laws unless the Earth was in a state of calamity, and we were about to blow up most of the cities of our world with nuclear bombs and destroy most of the population and render our world unlivable.  Even in this case, he might not act and merely elect to start all over. 

god 8


I recently read in the New Testament, The Book of Colossians, a letter from the Apostle, “Paul” to Gods People in the City of Colossae.

“Christ is the exact likeness of the unseen God.  He existed before God made anything at all.  And, in fact, Christ himself is the Creator who made everything in heaven and earth.  The things we can see and the things we can’t; the spirit world with its Kings and Kingdoms, it’s rulers and authorities; all were made by Christ for his own use and glory.  He was before all else began, and it is his power that holds everything together.  He is the head of the body, made up of his people — that is, his church which he began.  And, he is the leader of all those who rise from the dead, so that he is first in everything; for God wanted all of himself to be in his son.”

This passage is somewhat surprising.  I can only presume about “Paul” spreading the good “word” and the “good news” about our Savior and Redeemer that he felt the need to exaggerate a bit to gather followers and believers.  Also, I think “Paul” probably felt that Jesus was really an extension of God, and that God was in Jesus, and that Jesus was in God.  Nevertheless, I think it was the first time we have ever heard the suggestion that Jesus Christ was part of creation even before God the Father.

From Hebrews:

“What is faith?  It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen.   It is the certainty that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it up ahead.  Men of God in days of old were famous for their faith.”

The indisputable proof that Jesus was divine can be found by examining carefully the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts (Mostly Peter), Romans (from Paul), Corinthians One and Two (from Paul), Galatians (from Paul), Ephesians (from Paul), Colossians (from Paul), Thessalonians (from Paul), Timothy One and Two (from Paul), Titus (from Paul), Philemon (from Paul), Hebrews (from Paul), James (to Jewish Christians), Peter (One and Two), John (One, Two and Three), Jude (Brother of James), the Revelation from John (1 through 22).

Most of these eleven (11) apostles (disciples) in the numerous books listed above wrote these books in privacy.  Some were written from prison, and others facing death for preaching the “good news.”  The Rabbis, Pharisees, and other Jewish leaders persecuted the disciples for preaching the gospel of Jesus because they were trying to stop this movement started by Jesus and God, and these were the murderers who crucified Jesus causing his death.  But, not Pontius Pilate who said after investigating the charges against Jesus, pronounced him an “innocent man.”  Obviously these leaders were greatly threatened by Jesus Christ’s revelation, his acts as our Savior from our sins and Redeemer, and for his providing a path for us to enter into God’s heavenly kingdom.  These Jews were losing their grip on their flocks, losing their power, losing the flow of money from their parishioners.  They called his miracles “magic.”  So, they had him killed.  Pilate simply carried out the sentencing.

To the man, the Eleven Apostles (disciples) told almost identically the same story about the coming of Jesus, his teachings, his miraculous healings, his message about confessing their sins before God and Jesus, and securing the path to a better life after death through him.  These books were written in private at different times.  Why then were they essentially the same?  Because they were true and these men were inspired by Jesus to spread this “good news” far and wide at the cost of their own personal safety.  Why would they take this chance if the “word” of Jesus was not, in their minds, true, beautiful, and reassuring to the multitude that followed Jesus and gathered around Jesus and hung on every word that this magnificent and Godly man said?  Oh, to have been there in person.  Alas, only in my dreams, and in my faith.

Now after several generations and centuries have passed this Christian movement continues to grow and in 313 A.D., the Roman Emperor Constantine declares Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire from which Catholicism was founded as follows:

“Let this be so in order that the divine grace which we have experienced in such manifold ways may always remain loyal to us and continue to bless us in all we undertake, for the welfare of the empire.”

Eternal shame should be cast on those wicked Jewish religious leaders who murdered Jesus and many of his followers.  Jesus was a Jew.  He was proclaimed the “King of the Jews.”  The Jewish religion is based largely on the Old Testament.  When will all Jews wake up to the New Testament and discard that part of their faith that is no longer a valid way to worship and accept Jesus, his divine birth, and his and our life everlasting?  Many have.  My hope is that more will; for after all, Moses and Jesus worshipped the same God.  The difference was that Moses was God’s messenger who delivered the Ten Commandments to the Israelites and made them believe.  Jesus was, on the other hand, the Son of God, conceived by God in a mortal holy woman, Mary, making it possible for Jesus to become a mortal man and could travel through the Middle East gathering followers.

Had he been a mass hallucination, or an apparition, he would have frightened everyone and would have not had any followers.  Jesus was from God and was part of God, and God was part of him from the beginning.

2,013 years have passed.  Will it take another 2,000 years for Jews and Christians to worship together under the same roof?  I highly respect the Jewish religion and deeply believe in religious tolerance as Gandhi did.

I just believe that the Jews took the wrong fork in the road to salvation and may never get there.  Will there be Jews in heaven when we get there?  Probably, for God is so forgiving, but if you believe what Jesus said, “Believe in men, Love our God, confess your sins to me for God to hear, and you will gain entrance to the Kingdom of God’s Heaven only by and through me.”

Chapter 9:

  1. Aerospace
  2. Special Theory of Relativity – Einstein
  3. Quantum Mechanics
  4. Quantum Gravity
  5. O-Point Field of Energy
  6. Fourth Dimension – Time
  7. Other Dimensions

david fake

Chapter 10:

To what extent does God manage our lives, and our world, and how much of what we do is left to us to decide?


How perishable is the human body?  And how strong is the life force?  Some say our bodies are not perishable at all and that there are countless mechanisms in place that come to the rescue when we have a health issue or an injury.  And, of course, this is true, but has God completed the evolution of man so that he can overcome floods, earthquakes and windstorms, cancer, heart disease, and viral infections life HINI, and the like.  The answer is, not yet.  We are with his guidance still evolving and one day perhaps 1,000 years from now we will be stronger and 5,000 years from now, much stronger. We have survived this far as a species, but we are still vulnerable to many of nature’s forces.

We need ambient temperature of 60˚- 80˚ F for comfort.  We need fresh unpolluted air to breathe, air with an abundance of oxygen with little or no CO2.  We need sunlight and rain.  We could not handle any more gravity.  Without these natural characteristics, we are perishable.  When the life force leaves a human body and our organs cease to function, we become a decaying carcass within hours with all the disagreeable aspects and must be buried or embalmed immediately or we disintegrate.  That’s perishable.

Is God still testing his creation, man, still adjusting and tweaking our propensity for survival, still trying to improve us spiritually and physically?  Spiritually, except for many noted exceptions, not much progress has been made in 2010 years.  Physically, I think with advances in medicine, we are stronger and live longer.  It isn’t clear just how long God wants us to live.  Why does he take the best people first?  As we’ve suggested earlier, is it that he needs these fine souls to help him in and around the universe to do his work there improving and extending life cycles of the multiple life forms throughout the many planetary systems universally? 

god 3


God is:

  1. Experimenting: Each new life provides unlimited possibilities for growth and discovery, hence progress.
  2. Making room on earth for new people who he naturally selects to further evolution.
  3. Giving us only 70-80 years for us to prove to him our worthiness to receive his rewards and blessings.
  4. Taking others sooner because they have proven worthiness sooner and he leads them into heaven to help him administer the universe.
  5. All good people go first.

Death is inevitable, we know that.  But, what we don’t know is how can we and God prolong life?  And, do we even want to?  Some people decidedly don’t care to.  Their friends are gone, spouses are gone, and in some cases, children have predeceased them.  I think God wants us to live longer provided the nations of the world can learn to live and coexist in peace with one another and work for the good of all with a consensus.  Is that such an unreasonable goal for God to have for us?  If we stand back and look at war, isn’t it pitiful what we do to each other?  Peace on earth is not an unreasonable goal for man.  If man is to survive as we grow closer together with an ever exponential increasing world population, then we must put aside nuclear weapons and learn to love one another and abolish hatred.  Then, God will allow us to live longer, disease-free, and God will help our doctors and researchers solve the riddle of neurodegenerative diseases already under study (i.e. Carbon Sixty).  God wants us to live longer, closer and in peace.  He needs more volunteers to spread the good word.  Don’t forget that this is one way to earn “a ticket to heaven.”

Doing all we can to promote harmony among the world’s people is strictly voluntary by definition of the word.  We are free and may choose to always put our best foot forward, or to step back into oblivion.  There will always be a few rotten apples in the barrel of human life.


Chapter 11:

For a very long time, I have been thinking of a way to try and solve the many problems of our world.  If we do not address them in a unified way, we will eventually perish gradually over the next 400 or 500 years, or maybe even sooner.  As we have said, the Earth is getting smaller, and we are getting closer together.  So, what affects us also affects people in the rainforests of Africa, Brazil, Central America, and elsewhere.  Obviously, the converse holds true.  These trees are oxygen producers that we all need for sustaining life.  However, these people need to cut them down for lumber to sell so that they can get money to buy food.  The Chinese have air pollution beyond their own expectation time table.  Their factories have produced all of this smoke to make products to sell to us so that they can raise the lifestyle of their people from poverty to a living wage.  Of course, there is air pollution in lots of cities.

Believe it or not there will eventually be a water shortage widespread throughout a good part of our world, especially in the U.S.  As the population continues to expand exponentially, less and less land will be available for farming, less water for irrigation and distribution will require expensive energy consumption.  In recent decades, there seems to have been a rush, rush, rush to find the necessary fuel for our cars and generators.  We, the U.S., have not been energy independent and have fought three wars over the problem.  Only recently with shale oil and gas discoveries has this trend reversed slightly.  There is still poverty and even starvation in this world and terrorism is on the rise.  They said in the hearings today that the next terror attack is likely to be a smuggled nuclear device.  We must also consider the rising tidal effect on our coastal cities as more icebergs melt due to global warming.  Now, we are starting to talk about asteroids of significant size coming too close for comfort.  So, what are we going to do about these global problems?

Here is what I propose.  The global political leaders of all the nations of the world must come together in a central place for an extended symposium bringing along with them ten or more scientists in all of the scientific fields that are causing the prospective problems that are jeopardizing our future and survival.  These scientists will gather in their respective fields with their foreign colleagues with a battery of interpreters.  They will assess the natural resources of our planet and suggest a method by which they can be redistributed for most effective consumption.  These scientists must decide how, for example, we must produce our energy more efficiently and distribute it more effectively.  They must agree to stop global warming.  They must develop more ways to produce more water like desalinization of ocean salt water.  They must decide what insecticides and food additives, alcohol and drugs cause cancer.  They must find ways to reduce wastes.  They must require safer ways to build structures near waterfront communities and calculate the expectant rise of the oceans and accommodate.  We, as nations, must share our engineering, scientific and technological breakthroughs with every nation and pull together with intent to survive our joint problems.  Our political leaders must agree to work hard to convince each other that these actions are essential if we want to save our planet.  Maybe with give and take, our leaders, our scientists and the people of the world will put aside their ethnic, religious, and cultural differences, and become brothers and sisters under the skin, achieve the approval of God, and make our planet a better place to live with a much better future.  We must reach a “consensus” before it is too late.  We may have to institute birth control as part of the solution.  There is probably a limit to the number of people that this planet can support.  We need to hardness the best of the best brains of this world to work in unison to arrive at a broad variety of “consensuses.” 

god 6

Chapter 12:

To be tolerant of the shortcomings of others as you would have them be toward you is one of those traits needed to receive grace from God and to experience that wonderful feeling.  Other elements needed are: patience, caring, compassion, generosity, kindness, humility, gentleness and contributing one’s self, one’s time and one’s wherewithal to needy causes and charity.

As a people we need to convince our fellow man with totally different religious beliefs from ours that we will not fight him over the difference, but will fight for his right on this earth to hold this belief and pray that he will fight for our right to hold our belief.  Someday, however far away it may be, all human beings on this earth will come together and worship together the glory of God without specific concern for whose prophets were sent by the same God to bring the word to different peoples with different languages and different customs.  We are the ones who got it confused.  Is it not interesting that Jesus Christ was a Jew that Pontius Pilate was asked by the Jewish establishment to deal sternly with this so-called messiah who was threatening their religious authority and following.  How do gentiles feel about this?  How do Jews feel about it?  There is hate and prejudice both ways which is totally unnecessary.  God wants us to bury this difference and worship him each in our own way respecting and celebrating each other’s way as though it was our own.  And, then someday it won’t make any difference.  Glory be to God!

Islam has with us, and we have with Islam, and Islam has with Jews, and Jews have with Islam — the same problem:  Intolerance; who told them, Islam, Christendom, and Judea that any of these religions were worshipping correctly or incorrectly?  It was just someone’s interpretation in each case.  God doesn’t agree with any of these interpretations.  There is only one God and there should be only one religion that attempts to feel his presence in Church and come closer to knowing his wish for us all.  No matter how we are different.  The Great Mahatma Gandhi believed that religious tolerance should be foremost in our belief.  How did he become so convinced?  Could it have been God inspired?  Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, and Jesus are the basis and origin of all three religions.

Chapter 13:

The meek will not inherit the earth unless everyone on earth becomes meek all at one time which is probably unlikely.  There will always be aggression, ambition and coercion.  The free enterprise system which has survived communism is still the best system and will continue to be so long as the winners will come to the aid of the losers out of compassion, seeking God’s grace.  Success in life contains this equation.  Feel the exhilaration of creating and building a successful enterprise, and then feel the spiritual fulfillment of sharing your success with the less talented, less aggressive and less fortunate.  Maybe the so-called losers contribute to God’s work here on earth in other ways not so visible.

god 11

Chapter 14:

God is logical, I believe.  He may allow himself to be governed by the same natural laws of his creation just as we are.  In other words, he has established the laws of nature and does not wish to disobey them.  He easily could, but just doesn’t want to.  He could change these laws.  Has he?  No.  Will he?  I don’t think so.  Did he want Jesus to be born by Immaculate Conception?  This would have violated the natural law governing child birth.  He didn’t need to do that in order to create this magnificent person, Jesus Christ.  Anyway, why does it matter?  God gave Jesus Christ the ultimate amount of grace, healing powers, compassion, wisdom and Jesus was constantly inspired by God.  God wanted Jesus to realize these truths on his own that he so ably taught his followers and disciples.  These visions and inspirations were clearly coming directly from God because Jesus said so, but the tremendous force and effect of these teachings came from Jesus himself, his own powerful personality and charisma.  He wasn’t just an agent or messenger from God.  He was a creation of God with his own talent for understanding and communicating with those who listened to his teachings that he with humility was passing on to them the word of God in the truest form possible.

His healing powers were perhaps miraculous, but his power to inspire and encourage others about their own strength and personal power helped them to heal themselves with faith in God’s love for them.

To me there is no greater miracle than life itself.  To see a plant grow to gigantic proportions with only light, water and soil nutrients is a miracle.  To talk and communicate with another human with all of the movements of the body all happening at once, that’s a miracle.  A flight in formation of giant birds like geese and pelicans is a miracle.  The way that animals care for their young is an inspirational miracle.  All of this is by God’s purposeful force.  His interaction with every living thing on this planet and everywhere else, there is life in any form and degree.  God is life, so when we die, we pray that God’s respect for the life he has created will not allow us to go into nothingness, but rather a continuation of our spiritual life to join a body of souls, a spirit pool where we can join our loved ones who preceded us.  That is, if we want to.  There will be choices for our spirit to make.  We may remain with our loved ones, join in with what they have chosen to devote themselves to for an eternity, move on to what we might want for our own devotion or dedication, or we might choose to return to earth reincarnated, or to some other planet as newly born.  These choices may be exercised in whatever order we may choose and for whatever pursuit we may choose and for whatever duration we may choose.  And, there will be others available to us.  That spark that gave us life to begin with which is part of our soul and our spirit will never be extinguished by God or any other force.  Our individualism will not be lost at the point of death.

What is God’s master plan, and when will it be completed.  I don’t know.  Maybe even God doesn’t know and I don’t think it will ever be completed, but will continue to evolve and grow, progress and achieve eternal excellence someday realizing a level of perfection unrecognizable by the standards of 2008.  This infinite progression is God’s continuing and changing design for our world and all the worlds around us infinitely spread through the far reaches of space and beyond.

We must always realize that we and our planet are only one among the trillions of seeds that God has planted throughout the universe.  If we choose to take his gift of nuclear energy and blow ourselves up, God will shed a tear for us, but in truth, we are but a spec in his gigantic universal garden.  Our disintegration will hardly be noticed in the really big picture.  So, to make a mark in the race to perfection within the universe, we must somehow pull together our differences, set out goals and standards for behavior, create a consensus for the planet, work toward harmony, religious tolerance, feeding all the peoples of our world and finally to build one world that can thrive and prosper gradually eliminating the negatives and evils that are manifest all around us today.  It is not to say that there isn’t a much greater abundance of good than evil, in this wonderful world we live in.  However, we still have a long way to get where God wants us to be, ever improving thereafter.



Chapter 15:

  • Son of a protestant minister
  • Very active in Anglican Church
  • Attended the seminary
  • His faith in God never wavered
  • Was a deacon in the church
  • He was surprised how the church was so opposed to evolution
  • He marveled at the creation that his God blessed the earth with

There is a puzzle here.  Why did or does God endorse and provide for adaptive natural selection over very long periods of time?  Darwin saw the big picture and saw God’s work and his intention.  The church apparently does not as yet.  There is no real conflict with Adam and Eve here.

I think that it is God’s wish or design for evolution to continue.  How much more change will the human body undergo?  Will we eventually have stronger hearts, better immune systems, and more cartilage between our bones, or will these improvements occur with the help of medical science?  It is still evolution because as gene therapy is applied and we develop stronger bodies and less neurodegenerative diseases, we will undoubtedly live longer, population growth will increase rapidly and we will have to learn to live together as we become compressed into a smaller and smaller space.  We must come to a global consensus which we discuss herein.

In outward appearance, I doubt if our bodies change that much, but out psyche and spiritual leanings must undergo evolutionary change or we will surely be selected to perish and those who survive will be changed for the better according to God’s wish for us.  Thus, evolution and God’s continuing plan for us will be going on as long as the universe is still visible until we are all near perfect beings living in harmony with all the peoples of the world.  Some part of the consensus will include a provision for voluntary birth control and ultimately it is likely that it will be mandatory.


Chapter 16:

It should be no surprise to anyone that God is disappointed with man’s lack of spiritual development.  That’s why he sent Jesus down to us in the first place.  Or, did God pick a young and good spirited carpenter and simply enter his sole and inspire him with his word and gave him God’s grace and understanding so that Jesus Christ could reach out and inspire others with his teaching and healing powers all coming through Jesus directly from God?

In any event, all of us did not absorb these principles of peace and harmony and pass them down to the next generations.  There are many good people in this world who are God inspired Christians, Muslims and Jews.  But, sadly there are too many bad people who are not inspired by God who perhaps march to an evil drummer who dwells deep within their black heart and soul.  These people are worth saving.  They are misguided, followed the wrong track and need help.  Whose job is this, ours or God’s?  God wants us to help him set them straight.  Some of us know how to do this and God hopes we’ll give it our best effort.  For after all, if we don’t succeed what is our world going to look like 100 years, or 500 years from now?  Will God step in and help these unfortunate people see the light?  One would hope so, but there is no guarantee.  Quote from Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams, “Man’s inhumanity to God.”

Man’s inhumanity to man is much better known.  Why must God’s prize animal creation be such a disappointment 2,000 years after Jesus Christ came and told us how to live together in peace?  The big question is how much patience does God have with us?  Will he intervene?  If so, when?  Will he wait until it’s too late and we have blown each other up?  I don’t think so.  I think he wants us to clean up his and our world for him.  I don’t believe he would permit the bad people to destroy the good people who are God’s noblest creation on earth.  So, if God won’t let us destroy us, then what’s the problem?  Do you want “a ticket to heaven?”  Then get out there and help the unfortunate, talk sternly to the bad people, help to change others by example, send the right message to our statesmen if we have any.  Go forward with conviction that the world can be changed for the better.  Work toward a one world with a consensus of how we feed everyone, keep excessive births under control, and work hard toward real religious tolerance.  Most wars are caused by conflicting ideologies.  We can still think freely without pushing our beliefs onto others and vice versa.  Develop a common belief where free thinking constantly improves that belief.

After World War I, the Germans suffered financial hardships.  So when this maniac Hitler came along and told them they were entitled to more out of life than they were getting, they believed him.  We’ll dominate the world and take what we need from other countries and other peoples.  Those Germans who sat by and let that ideology develop into an aggression never seen before on this earth are just as guilty as the most died in the wool Nazis.  They were wrong and we all paid the price.  They wanted to steal from us.  That’s just plain wrong.

God does not want us to make war on each other.  When we do, he shakes his head with disappointment.  He gave us a brain and great riches in terms of world resources.  He expects us to use that brain so that we can efficiently use those resources so that there will be enough food and shelter for everyone.  Think of the terrible waste occasioned by war.  Look at what we have wasted in Iraq in the name of political stability for the region.  If we could spread the idea of the power of religious tolerance there would be no instability in the first place.  Shites, Kurds and Sunis must learn to live together.  After all, there are all Muslims.  The Catholics, Baptists and other Protestants must learn to embrace one another’s faiths.  Doesn’t anybody care that God wants us to?  Does he have to spell it out for us from the highest mountain?  When you think about it, isn’t it obvious?  The Jews probably don’t hate the Arabs as much as the Arabs hate the Jews.  Why must they hate each other at all?  They are related racially and don’t they know that God forbids this treacherous unreasonable hate?  They do not have “a ticket to heaven” until they quit hating each other.  God loves us all good and bad, but he doesn’t want any rotten eggs in heaven.  Believe me, he controls who gets in.

These idiot terrorists are sadly mistaken if they think they’re going to get anywhere near heaven.  They will pay for what they have done in a hell that we cannot imagine.  Cold blooded murder is one act God cannot forgive.  The murderer has destroyed one or more of God’s creations.

Once again for Muslims to call Jews and Christians “infidels” is the height of religious intolerance and gall even if they are right in a few cases.  God is the only entity that can judge the validity of someone else’s religion.  God is offended by religious prejudice.  He will punish murderers and people who start and fight wars of aggression for imperialistic purposes.  He is offended by aggression, hostility and anger in people.  He wants us to rise above such behavior.

What about self-defense as in Pearl Harbor?  That’s okay.  How about 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq?  Part of this becomes too broad.  A reaction, not pinpointed enough.  Again, a lot of waste.  To me, the surprising thing is that not many politicians care what God would think about what they are about to do.  That is, start a war.  We all know what God wants of us, but we ignore his plea and only call upon him when we get over our heads and desperately need his help.  We should pray to him even when we don’t need him.  Give thanks for what he’s done for us, and then maybe he will hear our prayers when we are desperate.


Chapter 17:

The gathering together of the leaders of the world together with the leading scientists of the world in a United Nations Assembly Atmosphere to analyze world problems, develop solutions and develop a master plan for the future of the world, including management of the natural resources and food production capabilities of earth and the equal and even distribution of these essentials for maintaining life on earth for everyone.  This conference can be an ongoing one where committees are formed to study various aspects of extended survival for all.  Then over the months that follow the findings of these committees will be published and shared with everyone taking part in the conference.  Then, the conference will reconvene and with God’s help, a plan will emerge that will bring us together to implement and integrate all of the functions and forces that must come together for modern man to survive.

The reasons why this must happen now rather than later are:

  1. Some nations of the world appear to be getting closer and closer to starting a military action with their neighbors that could escalate into a global conflict or World War III.  Almost inevitably, the weaker nation will use a nuclear bomb to defend itself.  Mankind cannot survive an all-out nuclear war.  We must put an end to the madness. 


Chapter 18:

It begins in a closed room with six men in low light.  One man has a black belt in karate and a former seal instructor.  He disables the other five quickly and while they are trying to recover, he systematically and unmercifully kills all five with neck chops and other blows.  It was either him or them.  It’s over.  He has survived.  Has he been naturally selected as the fittest?  The main principle of Darwin’s Evolution has produced a monster.  This is happening all over the world.  Even between nations, this macho, pugnacious, fieste, testi, hostile and angry attitude from man to man, nation to nation, has got to be stopped.  Evolution is working against us in the wrong direction – too much testosterone.  They all need a shot of Lupron, Casodex or gene therapy to tone down man’s aggressive tendency to blow us all up.

A good friend of mine suggested that the ferocious ones will destroy each other and the meek will inherit the earth.  If you believe that, then evolution as we’ve known through anthropological history is over.  You have to decide whether these fittest and most ferocious ones will destroy us all in the process of destroying each other.  Our use of nuclear power, God’s gift to us, and the highly likely misuse of the nuclear bomb could bring on the biblically referred to “end of days” at which point evolution becomes an academic  term, and the meek become extinct along with the rest of the human race. 


Chapter 19:

Will there always be “have nots” in this world?  I don’t think so.  As the world gets smaller because of communication, transportation, and guided missiles, the have nots will be able to threaten and blackmail the haves on a wholesale basis.  Isn’t that what is happening right now?  Is terrorism just about the fact that the U.S. and the U.K. support the Israeli’s right to occupy, the sovereign nation of Israel?  It is not.  It’s also about the fact that we are a very rich nation (growing deeper and deeper in debt) fighting wars that are not necessary, trying to police a world that does not need policing and simply throwing away our riches.  Probably half of the world population lives at sub-poverty levels.  Those people see us as wasteful and unsympathetic to their plight and hate us for it.  They also happen to be mostly Muslim.  The generosity that Americans do show never seems to get the credit it deserves.  I’m not sure why that is.

I have no doubt that our system is the best, from democracy all the way to the free-enterprise system.  It has proven itself.  It won out over communism in Russia, but it’s clear that every nation is not suited to democracy.  Only time will tell if the world can become democratic.  Meanwhile, we keep on starting these little wars and contemplate using the nuclear bomb as a last resort to winning.  If you lived in Israel and all the Arab nations turned on you at once and you had “the bomb” (and we know they do) and your country did not have enough soldiers and equipment to fight a conventional war, wouldn’t you be in favor of using a nuclear strike simultaneously on all capitals of the Arab nations (and Iran)?  Isn’t the time running out when the Israeli’s have this advantage with Iran trying to reach parity?  Won’t Iran share and proliferate the weapons once they have them (if not stopped) with Hezbolah, Syria and others.

Here’s the answer: Put aside our differences with Russia and China, put teeth into the United Nations, elect a new U.N. President and start a determined coercive effort to stop the manufacture of enriched uranium and secure all nuclear weapons in the world today (mostly in Russia, Pakistan and the U.S.) and put them under the control of a joint force with the power to prevent a third world nuclear war and the annihilation of the human race along with every other beautiful life form that God has created on this earth.  “Doomsday” and the “end of days” is possible.  I said this in 1982 (sent to Vice President Bush and James A. Baker III – see appendix) and I still believe it’s possible.

If this plan were implemented along with forceful resolution of the Israeli/Arab territorial disputes, we could achieve a peaceful world.  The idea of “Total Consensus” could have (referred to in chapter 11) begun and the wide margin between the “haves and the have nots” could be reduced and eventually eliminated.  Isn’t this the continuing evolution that God wants for all of us?

Another way of describing the social environment or forces that produce a terrorist is to say a young Muslim male sees on television how rich America is and how foolish we can sometimes be with our prosperity and wealth (example: the race to see what Billionaire can have the largest yacht built – now up to more than 500 feet long).  He looks at his own life and says to him, “I have nothing.  No future.  No job.  I’m not even sure about food and shelter.  Therefore, I cannot marry and support a family.  I have nothing to look forward to.  Someone, a militant organizer, hands him an automatic rifle and/or a bomb and tells him or her that Allah will be proud of him forever if he blows himself or herself up in the war against greedy, Judo-Christian Americans, his historic and natural enemy.  Thus, another terrorist is born.

It doesn’t do any permanent good to seek out each one of these seemingly horrible people and kill them one at a time or incarcerate them and try them in our courts of law at a great expense to our system.  Wouldn’t all of these billions be better spent trying to change the conditions that produce this atmosphere of poverty which produced this feeling of hopelessness and desperation?

Most Americans today would disagree and perhaps it’s too early for this approach to work and too expensive and too large a chance for corruption in distribution to raise its ugly head.  But, someday, it has to get started because this once again is clearly a struggle between those who have abundance and those who have very little.  The problem cannot be solved by violence, but by patience and generosity.  What if we had taken the hundreds of billions that the Iraqi wars (1) and (2) have cost and used this money to help these people seek out and find a better life for themselves, wouldn’t we be better off today than we currently are?  Wouldn’t there be less hatred directed at us?  If we want to stop all of this hatred, violence and fear then we must figure out how we can effectively “turn the other cheek” and build friendships instead of more enemies.  With national will it is possible.  What happens if we have another successful attack on our people far worse than 9/11?  Our response and the growing development of nuclear weapons could lead us to a nuclear war.  That would be the end of everything along with everything we hold dear in our way of life.  If this is even faintly possible shouldn’t we stop this Iraqi war immediately and seek out more productive solutions to these world problems and be even-handed with the Israeli’s and the Arabs.  The oil in the Middle East could solve the immediate economic problems there with more equitable distribution of this wealth.


Chapter 20:

To the true believers evolution is a dirty word and probably will be for many years to come as it has been ever since Charles Darwin first introduced “the origin of the species.”  Darwin was a very religious man as we have stated in earlier chapters.  Many famous scientists of our day have come to the realization that God is the Father of all Creation as they research and discover revelations like DNA and RNA.  As we have come to know the blueprint information for recreating an entire human being is contained in every cell of that same human being.  Could any entity besides God possibly have designed such a complicated and complex mechanism or organism such as the homosapien?  No.  It was God from the beginning to the end.  He simply did it over a long period of time.  That’s called evolution.  We’ve talked about inspiration coming from God.  I submit to you that God, no other way, inspired Charles Darwin and actually helped him develop his theory so that the world, God’s world, would eventually know how it happened.  There still could have been an isolated event at the culmination of God’s creation and great achievement that took place in a special place that we have come to refer to as the Garden of Eden.  This is where God gave man a lifelong companion to share his life and his bed and to bring forth generation after generation of prodigy to populate and improve the world, earth, that God had created and ultimately the entire universe as we pass on and become his helpers if that is “the ticket to heaven” that we choose.

God gave each Adam and Eve a soul.  He taught them how to love each other, to raise a family and to contribute to the welfare of their fellow human beings.  Some of us have forgotten that last teaching.  There is no conflict between Genesis and Evolution.  They are simply different explanations for different audiences, at different times, in different places for different aspects of the same message.  God would tell us this if we could talk to him.  I am sure of it though I cannot prove it.  We have to simply accept it with our faith.

Adam and Eve in the Garden by Michelangelo

Chapter 21:

God is our Father.  We are here because of Him.  But, he is so much more.  And, “He” may not even be a “He” at all.  God is a presence.  He is a total entity that is everywhere: in every atom and every molecule.  In fact, He is in every electron, proton and nucleus throughout the entire universe and perhaps even beyond.

Where is heaven?  Isn’t heaven where we either consciously or unconsciously want it to be?  Is it partially where we will experience an afterlife?  Is it perhaps only part of this experience of the soul?  The rest of the afterlife might be carrying out or contributing to God’s continuing work throughout the entire universe, not just our planet or even our solar system.  One thing seems for sure, God art not just in heaven.  He’s all over.  “Hallowed be God’s name.”  Again, God is probably not a “his,” “he” or “him.”  However, it sure feels good to call God a Father, hence the implication of “he” or “him.”



Chapter 22:

God doesn’t rule over a kingdom as would a king as we know the term.  He created the kingdom, but he lets us rule and we are not doing a very good job.  If he did rule outright, I think God believes that it would frighten us so much that we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves next.  He is deeply concerned about the direction our leadership is heading towards.  We are perhaps standing on the brink of self-destruction.  This morning the world felt actually and figuratively the underground explosion of a nuclear bomb in North Korea.  Iran is producing enriched Uranium to make a bomb.  The Israeli’s have nuclear weapons as do India and Pakistan.  And, the Russians are selling some of theirs, and the U.S. has hopefully gotten ours under very careful management and control.  Is this a dangerous world we live in, or what?

If you were God and had his sensibilities and could see into the future as he undoubtedly can by accessing the dimension of time, wouldn’t you be worried?  Would you know what was going to happen and when?  Is the future inevitable?  Or, can it be changed by the will of man?  If not, then God must step in and stamp out this ultimate form of aggression to save earth and all innocent life within it and “God’s will, will be done.”  God wants man to execute God’s will and stop this madness on his own.  Can the United Nations Organization accomplish this goal?  No?  Then, who? 


Chapter 23:

Man’s actions in this crisis are monitored by God.  God has input into man’s thinking and will influence and inspire us to work out the solution to the containment and joint regulation and control of nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes only.  If this doesn’t happen, we are doomed beyond recovery.  If it does happen, won’t this be another God guided step in the evolutionary process of man’s development as a better human being?  Yes and, God’s will shall have been done once again.

In “Heaven” God’s will is to help us find the proper path for each of us to follow to realize the full potential of our souls.  Hopefully, it will be to experience the essence of our deceased loved ones and the true unencumbered love they had or now have for us and us for them.  Then, we pass into that realm of helping God accomplish his goals for all life throughout the universe.  Or, if this is not what we want, perhaps God gives us a choice and helps us find out what is meet and right for our souls in heaven for an eternity.


Chapter 24:

Isn’t that a bit presumptuous of us?  Does God owe us three squares a day?  God believes that we owe the less fortunate, the starving Africans and other victims of hunger everywhere at least everything we have left over and everything we can gather to feed the hungry impoverished millions around the earth.  After all, he gives us so much and we give him so little.  Once again, we need to reach a world consensus about the distribution of the earth’s food supply and many other things just as important.  How foolish and unfair is it of us to spend billions on war and preparation for war and so little toward adequately feeding God’s children the world over?  And, we call ourselves civilized.  The line should say: “Give us this day.”  And, the wisdom and compassion to make certain that our fellowman too has his “daily bread.” 


Chapter 25:

This is perhaps the best line in the Lord’s Prayer because it recognizes that it is very human to trespass and we ask God’s forgiveness for our having done so.  Why do we care what God thinks about us?  Can we actually be sure that he does think about us at all?  We care because we seek his favor which we believe if God looks favorably upon us we might be able to sneak into heaven even though we trespass on others over and over and over again.  Do we believe that God doesn’t recognize how little progress we have made spiritually in 2000 years?  Once again, I think God is disappointed with us, but I think he still loves us nonetheless which is I believe our only saving grace.  Stop trespassing and bring your God nearer to thee.

To pray for others who trespass against you is truly “turning the other cheek” it is Christian Perfection.  It’s asking God to forgive them because you already have, because, “They know not what they do.”  When we trespass against others, I’m pretty sure we know what we’re doing.  Aren’t you?

god 76

Chapter 26:

Now, why would God do a thing like lead us into temptation in the first place?  Isn’t it a bit arrogant of us to tell God what to do?  In fact, I think it’s insulting.  Wouldn’t it be better to say, “Lead us away from the temptations provided by the devil?”  Temptations are not even in God’s vocabulary.  Temptations are something we conjure up with a little help from the devil in us which we have to cope with by locking up Beelzebub in a small dark room at the farthest reaches of our conscious mind.

Chapter 27:

If we must be delivered from, we must already be knocking at the door of evil.  How did we get there in the first place?  I thought so: on our own.  Can we not turn away on our own sense of what is good?  Must we call upon God at a time like this?  How many times can we call upon God to bail us out of our own evil doing?  Do we continue to flirt with evil thinking that God will always be there to save us from ourselves?

How many times do we thank God for the many blessings he bestows upon us?



Chapter 28:

God reigns over the entire universe not just one kingdom.  His power is unlimited, but is rarely used.  He does not seek glory, and will continue to do so infinitely.

Chapter 29:

Our Father, Our Creator, who art in all the Heavens, hallowed and awe inspiring be thy name.  Thy kingdoms have come.  Thy will is being done on earth and on every other heavenly body, as it is being done in all the heavens.  Help us share our daily bread with others who hunger.  Forgive us our trespasses as we turn the other cheek to those who trespass against us.  Keep us away from bad temptations and guide us away from evil.  Thine are your kingdoms, your power and your glory until the end of time.  Amen. 


Chapter 30:

Our Heaven, the space above, the blue sky is filled with all the souls of plant and animal kind since the beginning of time which provides an endless source of untapped energy.

Chapter 31:

Oh Father, why have you forsaken me?  It was part of God’s plan: To make Jesus a martyr so that the world would remember and Christianity would spread and take hold, as it did.

Why do the best people die young?  God needs to fill the ranks of angels and helpers for other universal projects.  After all, these good Samaritans have proven their goodness and godliness.  God wants only the best to work for him, but he loves us all.  Some of the rest of us have to hang around longer to prove ourselves.


Chapter 32:

I wish some of the human monsters of this world did fear God and that God would let go for a moment his hands-off policy of natural selection, and strike these monsters down with all his miraculous power.

But do I “fear” God?  No, of course not.  How could I fear a being that is so forgiving, selfless, and compassionate and so loving?

Chapter 33:

Webster Definition:

Once again, I refer to testosterone.  There is too much of it in this world.  What could possibly make any animal on this earth trigger a nuclear device and kill thousands of innocent people except in self-defense as we Americans did in World War II to end a war we didn’t start?


Overt and naked aggression that inflicts pain and suffering on decent innocent people is a sin against God and don’t think for a minute God in his subtle way won’t punish the perpetrators.  Then, we wonder why radical Islam wants to kill us Americans who in their minds are infidels.  By whose definition are we infidels?  Certainly not God’s, not Allah’s, who I hope are the same being, but by some weird, aggressive, deranged and misguided minds whose war mongering bodies are chock full of excess testosterone.  These wild animals are thirsty for our blood and will kill without justification to satisfy some need they have trumped up to even the score.  Americans have killed bad and/or deranged Muslims only to protect honest, decent law abiding Muslims who are unable to defend themselves.

Now comes Anthropology… 

Chapter 34:

“The swirling spiral of the universal soul.”

  1. Where is it?
  2. What is it?
  3. Who’s in it?
  4. Where does it go?
  5. Who devised it?  Guess?
  6. Why is it?
  7. Is in infinite?
  8. How do you get in it?
  9. And, when?


Chapter 35:

Atoms (protons, neutrons, electrons) are our smallest particles.  “If protons were 0.2% more massive, they would be unstable and atoms wouldn’t exist and neither would we.”  Inspired in part by “A Universe Built for Us,” by Tim Folger, an article featured in the December 2008 Issue of Discover Magazine (page 52) with ideas by Physicist Andrei Linde of Stanford University.  If gravity were much greater, we would not be upright and would have much less mobility and would probably perish or would never have evolved in the first place.

Are we here because of cosmic coincidence?  Are there multi-universes, or a multiverse?  Back to the more finite…there are other characteristics and properties of just our “little earth” such as the air that we breathe (80% nitrogen, 20% oxygen and other trace elements); the pressure of that air of 14.7 pounds per square inch, one atmosphere; the ambient temperature of 70° F, plus or minus 40° F or 50° F; the carbon cycle and plant life.  Along with gravity, if any of these conditions were different by a significant measure, then we would be entirely different, or may not have ever evolved.  Was this cosmic coincidence or something else?  Earlier in the formation of our universe, scientists say there could be no life because there were no stars or planets.  Was God simply being patient in waiting for his “Big Bang,” our exploding universe to expand, “inflate” so that with a slight tip of his creative wand, he formed the stars, one being our Sun, and then let these stars flick off particles and energy that became planets rotating in equilibrium around these suns like our planet Earth?  Did those conditions on Earth to produce life just happen according to God’s master plan within the laws of physics that he formulated billions of years ago, or did he guide and accelerate the process, his goal being to allow the emergence of a super being with intelligence, a conscience, and a soul, a force that he will be able to harness if he has not already, to help him form other worlds in this universe and within the vast and infinite combination of other universes or the “multiverse.”

How far will God go?  Is he a farmer who will plant his seeds wherever they will grow, constantly expanding his farm, creating ever more farms, planting ever more seeds?  Space as we know it and our universe which is billions of light years in diameter, might be a mere bubble in a much larger existence which may be a bubble in an even larger multiverse, etc.  Or, could the reverse be true?  How can we ever know?  Maybe if we agree to serve God when we die, maybe we will know the answers to age old questions, travel with him, get to know him or his special followers and ultimately become a part of that “swirling spiral of the universal soul.”  Would that be because we had earned “A Ticket to Heaven?”

If God created those exact conditions listed above on earth making it possible for us to emerge along with a compliment of other animals and plant life, and it was not just a cosmic coincidence, then he must have had a reason, a plan for us and our ultimate future far beyond our brief physical existence on our home planet, Earth.  What is our purpose for being here?  Why does he not tell us?  I think he wants us to decide for ourselves what works for us individually so that each of us in his own way can “reach for the stars” whatever that may be.  Someday, I am confident, that science already getting close will actually prove the existence of God beyond a shadow of a doubt for those of us who are non-believers.  Do we want this?  Or would we rather just continue to wonder?


 Chapter 36:

When a well-known public person like Bill Maher says “Anyone who believes in God is a fool,” he strikes at the heart of humanity and he hurts a lot of people who might be struggling with their faith in the existence of God, and the many young people who really haven’t thought that much about it yet.

There are three kinds of people in this world and especially in our country.  Those devout believers who attend church; those who question; and those agnostics, atheists, infidels, heretics and heathens who don’t believe there ever was a God.  There are many sub-categories of faith. God on faith and what Jesus told his followers about God, his Father, reflected in the Bible, is good enough for most people, several hundred millions in fact.  Those who question are looking for ways and reasons to believe, not to disbelieve.  They want to believe so much and want to prove his existence and presence for their own soul’s sake and for every atheist on this earth.

How many ways has he shown us and yet we still question: the sunsets, the flowers, the trees; “When a Man Loves a Woman;” the incredible complex and intricate nature of our bodies that are literally perfect; the compassion and love that we see all around us; the heart and soul of our lives; the miracle of life itself; and the human spirit.  What more must we have for proof?  If we knew his whole universe, or his multiverse, we would surely be overwhelmed.  He has shown us in obvious ways that is, ways obvious to all but airheads and incurable skeptics.  He has shown his presence in so many countless subtle ways.  Sometimes we simply have an emotion or a feeling when we witness an event exhibiting a person’s compassionate and caring spirit reaching out to help someone else in desperate need.  We seem to just know that God is there, too.  Think of how many places on earth this same or similar event is occurring simultaneously.  God by the nature of Him is able to be at all of those places and many more besides all at the same time.  This should show us that he is everywhere — always.  He communicates with us through our conscious decisions and choices.  Not only does he exist.  He’s with us always — everywhere.  He wants us to find our way on our own, but he’s there to help us, if we need Him.  Showing Himself to us in a vision is what we wish for, but it rarely happens except in very extreme situations where only one person is present.  He doesn’t think we need that to build faith.  To some small extent, he evaluates us by virtue of how we find our faith.  If he made it too easy for us, we wouldn’t be as strong in and feel as uplifted about having independently found an everlasting faith in God, our most heavenly Father. 


Chapter 37:

Yes and no.  He wants to keep track of each and every one of us.  He hears us when we call, or pray, to him, and when we are in desperate need.  Going to our churches puts us in touch with God, and Jesus, and provides the time and space for us to think about and enhance our faith, and for God and Jesus to know how much we love them and how much we need them in our lives.  Their computers have unlimited capacity and memory banks.  God’s love for us is not dependent on ours for him, and our decision to worship him in a church, synagogue, or mosque must be made independent of any sense of guilt or disapproval by anyone, selflessly, and with conviction and love.  A half-hearted effort of just going through the motions to satisfy some self-image we might have of ourselves simply just won’t do.  We might as well stay at home.

If going to church is just not your thing, then know that God and Jesus love you just as much.  They just want to hear from you occasionally to know where and who you are.  Our world and the universe beyond is God’s church, The House of God.  He accepts our worship no matter where we are, or when we call upon him.  He’s there for us anytime, anywhere.  Churches and cathedrals are important for those that need this giant architectural symbol of God and Jesus, and whose faith is strengthened being in and around these impressive structures.  It’s as though the very building is saying to them, “How could there not be a God, and one son, Jesus, if a building this impressive has been built by the hierarchy of the religion to celebrate faith and belief in God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost?”  The ritual and choir in church is clearly most stimulating and is needed by most Christians to feel his presence.  Communion, though symbolic, is almost overwhelming.  The makeup of the Catholic Church, the Priests, the Cardinals, and at the top, the Pope; the piety, St. Peter’s Cathedral, all churches, and cathedrals, the structure of the religion, confession and communion, have held together over a billion people, producing a sense of a common morality among rich and poor the world over and have provided peace on earth in the name of God.

Still, wherever there is true inspiration, or settings in nature whose beauty is so amazing and inspiring to the point of stirring one’s emotions, isn’t God nearby?  Of course, he is…for he actually created this beauty.  Feeling his presence in these circumstances is so fine.  Isn’t it like being in church?  Don’t we feel like giving thanks to him for all he gives to us on this earth, his earth, where we live?  Once again, I think we do.  We are having “communion” with nature and God one and the same.

My father rarely attended church, and yet I have never known a finer and perhaps a more religious man.  He lived his religion.  It became second nature to him to be kind, gentle, and compassionate to all that he met in his life.  That’s what I remember most about him, not his business or professional accomplishments, which were many.  I remember his philosophical comments, his book of poetry (that my brother Ben had published), his sense of history, his modesty, his humility, and his charm.  His law partners at Vinson, Elkins, Weems and Searls would say to me, “Your father could charm the birds out of the trees.”  So, how do some people come by religion and morality so naturally?  Can there be more of God in some of us than in others of us?

When we see a beautiful sunset, a glorious range of snowcapped mountains, moonlight on the ocean, a flight of birds in formation, exotic animals in a park setting, viewing important art, a tall crashing waterfall, the act of humans caring for and helping other humans in distress, are we not emotionally moved?  Do we feel as though God is present?  If so, are we already in God’s church?  If we don’t feel this way, maybe we need to go to man’s church to get the message. 


Chapter 38:

International Religious Assembly and Conference to arrive at a Consensus about God
(i.e. Is he the same being for Hindus, all Muslims, Mohammedans, Christians and Jews?)

The Greeks had a God, or a Goddess, for just about everything.  The Egyptians were Pagans and worshipped statues, symbols, craven images and the like.  Moses parted the Red Sea and brought his followers to safety on the other side.  Shortly thereafter, he went up Mount Sinai and came back with The Ten Commandments from God.  There were other revelations like Abraham and other mortals who believed they had communicated with “The God” we all know in the Old Testament.  Then Jesus came — the ultimate Prophet, and most certainly the only Son of God.  This belief is held by the faith of more than 1,000,000,000 Christians on this earth today.  It’s important to believe that Jesus was then, and now, the only true Son of God, so that his words and deeds, miracles and healings would be coming directly from God, and thereby be more believable and taken more seriously.  In a way, we are all his children, but Jesus was, and is, his first and only real son.

Sometimes we say, “Why doesn’t God communicate with us today and help us solve the myriad of problems in this troubled world we live in?  Remember that when Jesus came, the very civilized ancient Greeks, with their celebrated mythology which was imbedded in their lives and quite beautiful, were the first to accept the teachings of Jesus and the first to realize there was only one God, “THE GOD.”  Then, the Romans persecuted the Christians in the Coliseum.  The Christians went underground, literally, into the catacombs, to live and to worship.  Finally, the Roman Emperor, Constantine in 381 A.D. accepted Christianity, and it became the religion of the Roman Empire.  Later in the 7th Century, a prophet came and formed the beginnings of the Muslim religion.  Isn’t their Allah the same being as our God?  Of course, he is.

The Jews got Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of the Holy Land, Jerusalem Palestine, to crucify Jesus Christ.  Why?  Because the rabbis, and the hierarchy of the Jewish Church were greatly threatened by this magnificent man who said he was the Son of God.  Jesus had created such a stir that the Jewish clergy was losing their grip on their constituents.  This loss of power brought about Jesus’ death.  Naturally, thereafter, the Jews couldn’t accept Jesus as the only true Son of God, and let him be a part of their religion.  It would have been admitting defeat, and the rabbis could not let that happen even though Jesus himself was a Jew.  So, the Jewish Religion got stuck in a non-Christian pattern of belief which was anti-Jesus.  How unfortunate that was for the world.  But, can there be any doubt that we Christians and Jews worship the same God?  Jehovah?

The Arabs and Jews have been fighting with each other for 2009 years.  Don’t they know that they are distant cousins; that they are both descended from the Sons of Abraham?  Abraham, as did Moses, communicated with God, our God.  Then, why not come together, and be friends?  Bury the sword, assemble, confer, celebrate “The God” — the same God, and begin the process of loving our former enemies as God had requested many years ago.

The Hindus, Mohammedans, and many of the Muslims were too far away for Jesus to reach.  They had their own prophets, Mohammad, Buddha, etc.  Once again, when carefully analyzed, their God cannot be any different from the same God that is worshipped by Christians, Jews and Muslims the world over.

This International Conference must be held as soon as possible.  The Israeli’s have nuclear weapons.  Iran is about to get them.  If a nuclear war were to begin without notice, countless millions of lives would be lost, and such a war could spread beyond the Middle East and ultimately involve the entire world.  Is this the price we must all pay for not having formed together to settle our differences in the name of God, and out of respect for the “One God in this World and all other Worlds in this and all other Universes?”

At the Conference of World Religions, compromise is possible, concessions are possible, coexistence is possible, variations of our beliefs can continue, as long as we all will worship the same “One God,” put aside our differences and learn to love each other.  After all Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Episcopalians, Christian Scientists, Unitarians, and many other Denominations coexist in Christian America with significant differences, but all share a central and in common belief in one God, our God, “The God.”

We must assemble worldwide and accomplish this goal immediately, or I fear that the alternative will be devastating.  It is clear and self-evident that “The God” wants us to.  He wants it to be our idea.  He believes that we are at least that civilized.      



Chapter 39:

The Roman poet and naturalist Lucretius in 50 B.C. discovered that when you put two smooth metal plates side by side, they stick together.

Most of what we think we know about the Zero Point Field (ZPF) is based on theory.  Interestingly enough, not that many physicists are thinking or worrying about it, but maybe they should be.  Let me tell you why.  We need a new source of energy for our future.  God gave us the gift of nuclear energy, with which we may yet destroy ourselves.  Did He give it to us too soon?  Did his sources mistakenly tell Him that we were politically and internationally mature enough to handle it peacefully?  God is disappointed with us in this instance.  It won’t be the first time that we humans that He created on one of His favorite planets have disappointed Him.

The Zero Point Field may be His next gift to mankind.  That may not be what God calls it, but since man (scientists) don’t know what it is yet or how it works, God still holds the key and we have to want it badly enough to ultimately unravel this unbelievable, unlimited source of energy that is everywhere.  It will be like the Garden of Eden, only it will be energy instead of apples.  God must have invented baseball because first it was the apple, second the bomb, and if we don’t handle well His next gift, the Zero Point Field, we’re out!

The Zero Point Field is like light, but these photons, if that’s what they are, are invisible.  You may say, “How can I believe in something I cannot see?”  You can’t see air, but you know it’s there.  Airplanes ride on it and it lifts the wings of birds, but it is invisible.

The Zero Point Field may account for the presence of inertia, that property of matter that makes it resistant to being moved.  It takes energy from gasoline to propel an automobile from Point A to Point B.  The energy is used to overcome the resistance of the car against the friction of the road against the tires, the friction of the air that has to be moved out of the way, and to break the balance of energy forces ‑ the Zero Point Field ‑ that are applied equally and uniformly in all directions in and about the car.  This can be proven by measuring road and air friction and comparing this force to the amount of gasoline energy needed to overcome that force.  If it’s not the same, then the difference must be the Zero Point Field.

Sir Isaac Newton presented his case for the existence of inertia in 1687 in Principia, the cornerstone of modern physics, with his formula, F = MA.  A given force (F) will accelerate (A) a quantity of matter (M) to a certain rate of speed, depending on the amount of matter involved or vice versa.  Once again this force is overcoming the inertia of the object of matter, or overcoming the Zero Point Field, which surrounds the object.

If, as, and when we discover how to control, or steer, or redirect this incredible source of unlimited energy that God may allow us to discover, we will solve all of our energy needs forever and will be able to overcome gravity and succeed in greatly extended space travel to learn so much more about our universe, its origin, and the other life forms within it.  Conducting the experiment with the friction, or striction, on theis next gif car is complicated, but it is nevertheless an engineering problem and it does not require a rocket scientist to solve.  Have you ever noticed how hard it is for a scientist to explain a physics theory to laymen like us?  I think scientists are secretive about what they know and highly competitive with us and other scientists.  I think that’s why the average person doesn’t know more about the physical world we live in, the quantum world and the cosmos.

I hope what I have written here is understandable and will stimulate further investigation by us mere laymen.  After all, learning and really discovering the full meaning of the Zero Point Field might bring us closer to God, to understanding why we are here, what God wants us to do, where we came from and where we will go when we die.

God created us over a long, slow process called Creation, also known as Evolution.  Time was, and is, meaningless to God.  Our lives on Earth are finite, we’re lucky if we live eighty-five years.  God has lived billions of years and will live on for trillions more.  A day to God might be an eon to us, or thousands of years, or even millions.  That’s why Creation may have stretched out over two billion years instead of seven Earth days.  That’s why Evolution is undoubtedly the stretching out of Creation.

God was the first physicist and, therefore, the secrets of the universe are His for us to uncover and discover.  Physics and science are so empirical and slow to prove a postulate that if we wait on these learned men to weave through the labyrinth of conflicting ideas and theories – from Newton to Einstein took almost three hundred years.  Some day we will find God and learn what we can do as a species to please Him, to be a part of and become one with Him, and to help Him cleanse and vastly improve civilization, attitudes, and religious tolerance, dissolving prejudice on this planet forever.  We can do a lot for God while we live, not to mention what we can do to help Him when our souls leave this glorious green Earth.

I believe that God is everywhere.  He is many things.  It stretches the imagination to think just how many things.  I think it’s quite safe to say God is everything.  For sure, He is all love, He is infinite intelligence, He is inspiration, and He is present in every form of energy everywhere in the universe and beyond.

The most important question I think we all have is why He doesn’t communicate with us, why He doesn’t introduce a startling and Earth-shaking miracle appearance or stage a spectacular event or an episode for all the world to see, simultaneously to shake us up and send us down a more progressive path to a fulfilling and peaceful world for every one of us.  Once again, God is timeless; some say He doesn’t care about us and that instead of concerning Himself with our petty problems, like war and self-destruction that He is off doing something far more productive in some other part of the universe.  He does care about us and about all civilizations in His universe and beyond, but we are, by his judgment, still in the making.  He has evolved our bodies; He is now patiently waiting for the spiritual evolution of our minds and our hearts and our souls to be complete.  We have a long way to go in this, but I think He has faith that we will one day reach that reality of one, near-perfect world.

Chapter 40:

When a baby is conceived, and then starts to move inside its Mother, that child has become alive physically by the grace of God.  And, when the Mother delivers and the doctor gives a quick spank, the baby makes a sound and starts to breathe.  The baby is conscious, again, by the grace of God.  The baby now has a live body and an active mind.  God has given the baby a spirit and a soul which will grow continuously as its life progresses with experience and memories constantly adding to its depth.  Some philosophers believe that the mind is separate from the brain; that the mind contains the spirit and the soul which live on after physical death and the deterioration of the body.

This may be the way that life after death originates combined with a divine intervention which provide all of the necessary ingredients for a person to retain all of their individuality as they begin their new life adventure into Heaven and the Universe; to glory in being with Jesus and to finally understand the power and the glory of God.  We will learn how we can serve him for eternity and we will have contact with our loved ones already deceased.

Dinesh D’Souza in “Life After Death,” an excellent read, defines consciousness as being alive and awake, as that part of we humans that is really our mind and perhaps our spirit and our soul, but is not necessarily part of the physical brain or the rest of our body, and therefore, does not die when our heart stops and we cease to breathe.

I don’t think he mentions the subconscious.  Here, we have stored an immense amount of information and memories from which our sleeping dreams are constructed.  Think of all of the thousands of dreams we have had in a 40-60-80 year lifetime.  Is it possible that our after life could be composed of continuous dreams supplied by all of the memories of a lifetime?  This would include encounters with our deceased family members and friends.

At some point, this will end and we will pass into another consciousness that is guided by God and Jesus.

When we awake in the morning, we don’t think about much until we slap a little cold water on our face. We are aware but our consciousness has not yet called upon our brain for memories.

Dr. Eben Alexander recently said in his interview with Oprah Winfrey that during his near death experience he had no memory of his physical life. Who he was?  His family?  His practice (neurosurgery)? This leads me to believe that our passage to heaven is one of anonymity, or its life amnesia.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that we have individuality. We know how we are, not who we are. Could it be that we have a spiritual DNA that no other spirit has?


I would like to believe that the subconscious in part of the conscious mind, that the subject matter of our dreams is not based on memories that were stored in the brain.  Again, I think that the mind is not part of the brain and lives on after our physical death.  God gave us consciousness at birth with a spirit and a soul and when we die, he and Jesus guide us through a tunnel into unconditional love.  This is the beginning of our journey into Heaven.  The thousands, perhaps millions, which have experienced NDE (Near Death Experience) probably do not get farther than the end of the tunnel and barely unto a bright and glorious garden of beauty, love and caring, and inspiration.  Then, they are drawn back for they have not yet been finally called.

Two days ago (Jan 9, 2013), I picked up my wife, Mary Ann, to take her to the hospital for her regular infusion appointment.  It was 1:00 p.m.  Her appointment was at 1:30 p.m.  She was getting ready to go and I asked her if she had her iPhone.  She said she had thought it was in her carry bag.  I looked, and it was not there.  We spent the next 25 minutes looking all over the house in every nook and cranny.  It just wasn’t anywhere.  The both of us removed everything from the carry bag, a total of five separate times.  It simply wasn’t there.  It was storming and raining heavily outside and we were already late.  So, we left the house thinking that it has probably slipped under a chair and we would find it when we got home.

On the way, driving in the rain, Mary Ann reached into her carry bag and there it was…the iPhone.  It had mysteriously reappeared.  Or, did it?  We believe it was a divine intervention.  The good Lord knows how fast I drive and some time ago he assigned an angel to protect me and my passengers.  My Angel saw a possible collision for us in that rainstorm and delayed us 25 minutes with a warning which I planned to obey.  I hope I am not being too presumptuous in believing in my Angel.  I don’t think, I know that some blessed being intervened for us, and I know that the iPhone was not in her bag when we left the house.

This experience leads me to believe that the future for all of us has already been mapped out and can only be altered by divine intervention. 


Chapter 41:

If we take the title above apart, there really are two issues, creativity vs. evolution and God’s desire for us to embrace the religions of all mankind.  If you bring the two parts together, we ask how long will it take for all of us to come together under one religious roof?

God is patient and he has waited a long time, say 5,000 years and hasn’t seen much progress.  But for him, 5,000 years equates to just a few moments.  Rome was not built in a day, but it did get built.  People of all races, colors and cultures are coming together on this planet because we can and do communicate with one another in seconds.  It used to take weeks and months and it wasn’t so long ago.  Why not then can’t religions come together, worship together and love each other and pray for man’s salvation?  No one is making an effort today to bring the religions of the world together.  Gandhi was the only one who has ever really advanced the idea of loving our neighbor’s religion as thy love thy own.  Can we find it in our hearts to respect his right to worship in his way without trying to convert him to our principles of worship?  After all, there can only be one God for us all.  We only disagree on whose prophet brought the “Good News” in the best way and which one seemed to have the “word” from God himself.

We can all worship God together what difference does it make that each prophet had had a slightly different take on the message?  Christians believe that we can only reach the “Kingdom of Heaven” through Jesus Christ.  As a Christian, I believe I can only get to heaven by acknowledging Jesus as my personal savior, THE Son of God and my Redeemer.  I don’t try to require that a Muslim or a Jew accept my view as his gospel.  I want to talk with him and try to understand what he believes and why.  Then, how can we pull all of this together and find at least some common ground?

I think Jews today respect the teachings of and nature of Jesus.  But, they certainly didn’t 2013 years ago when their religious leaders saw to it that he was crucified and murdered; Jesus a Jew himself was proclaimed by many to be the “King of the Jews.”

It’s a Jew’s privilege not to believe in the divinity of Christ, but considering the above, it’s hard for me to understand why he doesn’t.  Most of the thousands of people were Jews that followed Jesus through the countryside as he was teaching the “word” of God and healing miraculously hundreds of stricken people.  Why did they fall back to being dominated by the Rabbi’s and Pharisee’s and forget what Jesus had taught them about our Lord God and the Kingdom of Heaven?  And, why has this been carried down today in Jewish worship?  If I am wrong about any of this, I would like to be contacted preferably by a Jew.

Since the Judeo/Christian world sees eye to eye on many things including being allies against the Muslims in the Middle East, perhaps this is where we should begin our “New Crusade” for acceptance and tolerance of our neighbor’s religion.

Chapter 42:

If you have lost a spouse or loved one to this dreaded disease, you must have asked, “Why won’t God help when we prayed so long and so hard for a miraculous cure to aid our dear one?  I think God distributes miracles through apostles, disciples, and angels in rare and individual circumstances.  I don’t believe he would wave his wand and cure every cancer victim on this earth.  He probably could, but that’s not his style.  If he did this, he would not be teaching us anything.  He wants us to figure out what we are doing to cause this terrible disease.

This is not a harsh indictment of mankind.  It has over time gradually crept into our lives, through pollution, the widespread use of insecticides, food additives, steroids to increase meat production and many other harsh chemicals to increase our pleasure with eating, to make our lives more enjoyable, like alcohol, tobacco products and drugs.  We have brought this on ourselves as did Adam and Eve when they ate the forbidden fruit.

Can we change all of this?  Probably not.  There are too many economic considerations at stake.  We have dug ourselves a deep hole and our doctors and research institutions are trying to dig us out and defeat cancer.  Trouble is that there are probably more than sixty varieties of cancer.  Will they ever catch up with the growing cancer treatments?  Somewhere there has to be an answer.  Maybe if some chemical or organic substance could be found that would discourage these errant, crazy cells from killing their host, namely us, and thus killing themselves, it would stop.  Or find a vaccine that would prevent cancer from developing especially for those who have a hereditary predisposition to develop cancer cells.  Now, all we do is to introduce radiation and chemotherapy to selectively kill the cancer cells hoping that healthy cells will not suffer in the process, and of course, such treatment often ends in death.  Thus, the treatment is worse that the disease.  The end all cure may lie completely outside of what current research scientists are pursuing today.

Other directions for research should be pursued such as psychoneuroimmunology (the power of positive thinking as a cure).  I think it has come to the time when God needs to nudge us gently and give our researchers a clue to help them find this elusive and mysterious path to a discovery.  That would eliminate cancer forever.  Or, God might give some of us the power to perform a miracle and heal a cancer victim by the touch of the healer’s hand with God’s grace passing through him.


Chapter 43:

Do you really think you have to earn a ticket to heaven?  Well, I do.  And, I’m working on it every day.  Some people will go to heaven without changing anything about them, because they come by being good people as second nature.  They always know the right thing to do.  Then, there are others of us for whom it does not come naturally to have a heart of gold, consideration for others, compassion, love for friends and family.  Earning a ticket to heaven is essential for this group.

I think that, if you believe what you read in the bible, God and Jesus are one, and if you feel their presence when you pray, you are getting closer.  When you feel the Holy Spirit within you, then you have reached your goal.  You have been blessed and have earned your ticket.  You won’t even have to have it punched when you get there.  Just walk right in.

Preparation is necessary.  Patience is a virtue and a requirement.  Compassion and altruism should be natural.

Charity in our hearts for others less fortunate is a requirement, listening to the troubles of others sometimes seems tedious, but we must be sympathetic respecting God’s other creations on earth, is necessary.  Do not kill his animals and catch his fish unless you plan to consume them.  Do unto your neighbors and people in general as you would have them do unto you.  Strict adherence to the Ten Commandments is a requirement.  How many of us can recite all ten in order?

As a nation, we must not interfere with other nation’s internal affairs.  Civil wars are bad enough.  Let’s not make them worse.  It is none of our business even if we perceive this activity could be potentially harmful to our nation.  Instead, we must be prepared to launch a strong defensive action if we are threatened inside our own country.

Individuals should do the same.  We should defend members of our family if they are being unjustly attacked.  We must protect our family members from the evil that we sometimes face.  But, we should not go out of our sphere looking for trouble which is not affecting us.  But, we must help others in distress that we happen to come in contact with that cannot defend themselves.

To be a good listener is a virtue people will love and remember you by.  To talk about yourself is very tempting, but is usually boring and no one is really interested in hearing about you.  They want to tell you about themselves and they expect you to be interested.  Some sort of balance must be reached in these situations.

To grow as a person as you mature is important.  Anonymous giving is beautiful.  Sharing one’s monetary good fortune is expected by God and is quite visible in places like America and especially in our city, Houston, Texas.

We must put away our prejudices, anger, and hate for these evils are supplied by the devil, if there is one.  We must learn to forgive and forget those who trespass against us and try with all our heart not to trespass on anyone.

If you are not guilty of any of the faults listed here, and can honestly say that you have tried to adhere to most of the suggestions presented here, then you have earned a ticket to heaven and I hope to see you there.

mary ann at beach

Mary Ann Weems, 1957



To those of you who have read this little book, I send you my whole hearted thanks.  I hope you found a few new ideas and recognized a few old ones.  I did not write this to court favor with any person or group.  It is simply my own views about a few different subjects that I believe are extremely important.

Some Christians will be surprised to see God referred to as an evolutionist.  Some Christians have already come to believe that both theories are valid.  A few already believe as I do.

Some Jews will be shocked by my audacity about their beliefs, but I hope it will at least set them to do some thinking.  Other Jews have already accepted “Jesus Christ” as their savior and truly believe that he is the Son of God born of the Virgin Mary.

As I’ve said, I don’t think I’ve had a vision, but I certainly do believe that the subject matter that was chosen was inspired.  We desperately need to form these organizations to address our global dangers and differences before they become irreversible.  Every race color and creed need to come together and embrace each other as though we are friends and relatives of a family, the family of planet Earth and the family of God almighty.

One might note that there is some degree of repetition herein.  While not intentional, I’m leaving them in for extra emphasis on those points which are the more important ideas expressed.  Please also note that some chapters are little more than a single paragraph.  In later editions of this booklet those short paragraphs will be significantly expanded.

Finally, if you, the reader, have thoughts and ideas of how to add companion ideas and complimentary thoughts to this text, please feel free to contact me through my website

—   F. Carrington Weems II
June 2013



See Peace Advocacy.

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