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Judge Paul Carrington









Paul Carrington Sr., the Judge, was as you can see above, appointed by The King of England to those three judgeships.  Therefore, it was difficult for him to change his allegiance to the growing resentment of England’s overbearing taxation.  But, as things changed and the revolution began to form, Judge Paul Carrington joined up with powerful allegiance to the cause, and became one of the leading patriots of the revolution.

Patrick Henry gave his famous address, “Give me liberty, or give me death,” at the church in Richmond, Virginia.  The church was packed.   Judge Paul Carrington’s brother, General Edward Carrington had to climb on a ladder up to a window in order to hear the speech.  He was so impressed with Patrick Henry’s speech that he later said, “When I die, I want to be buried right here.”   And, that is exactly where he is buried.

Mary Ann and I saw that grave and it was right under the little window of the church.  I hope he didn’t fall off of the ladder.

At historic Williamsburg, there is a church called Bruton Parish.  Mary Ann and I went into the church and found Paul Carrington’s pew.  He shared that pew with Patrick Henry.  Their names are on either side of the little door.