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Kirby in River Oaks


Design by F. Carrington Weems II
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Our home is built especially strong.  It is steel framed throughout, double brick walls downstairs with a three inch lightweight aggregate concrete slab on the second floor for strength and sound proofing.  I have used a four hour fire proofed acoustical ceiling on the first floor.  The balcony is a poured in place pea gravel surface carefully waterproofed.  An underground drainage system carries the water off the roof and terraces.

Glass, floor to ceiling, stretches across the living, bar and dining areas, for a maximum view of our forested landscape.  All other windows upstairs and downstairs are custom, floor to ceiling, with a module of four (two stationary and two sliding), each two feet by eight feet in a steel frame.  Downstairs walls are plaster on steel lathe with a ceiling height of ten feet; the upstairs ceiling height being nine feet.

We actually have a large fallout or bomb shelter below the foundation with an exit tunnel to the back terrace.  The roof is fourteen inches of terrazzo and concrete and the walls are eight inches thick.  It is furnished and supplied.  Our home was built right after the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It was great to have in Alicia and Ike.  The porches and most of the first floor are white terrazzo with grey flecks.  The double doors throughout the house are mostly floor to ceiling, custom crafted from white pine with specially milled door frames, and lever handle type hardware.  The exterior trim and front doors are of California Redwood.

View preliminary sketches and final design layout.

The Designers

The Designer, F. Carrington Weems II

The Designer, F. Carrington Weems II









The Designer, Mary Ann Weems

The Designer, Mary Ann Weems









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